GLP has a wealth of experience in devising creative but practical solutions to curb piracy and related Copyright, Trademark, Design, Patent & IP problems through litigation strategies and use of media. The aim is to evolve legal strategies that not only recover revenue losses but also damages. The firm files civil and criminal cases, infringement & passing off actions, Anton Pillar & injunction orders and cases related to parallel imports.

The firm goes beyond the legal space of civil / criminal litigation to work out non-litigation strategies as well. It works closely with investigators to gather proper evidence and develop the case from inception. The firm has a network of contacts with enforcement authorities. Some of the non-litigation processes entail negotiations with infringers of IP, so as to retain the business relationship yet enforce the client’s rights. Also, the Attorney’s participate in educational, media events, sales promotion seminars and road-shows held at client locations.

In a nutshell the firm works as an extended arm to its client’s legal department. The firms Managing Partner’s experience as representative of BSA (Business Software Alliance) and working closely with NASSCOM, IMI is a guiding factor. She was instrumental in developing an anti-piracy campaign for software industries through a combination of litigation, negotiation and educational programs. This resulted in reducing software piracy levels by 10 – 12% in the region over a period of 3 years.